Coaltown Museum & i-Site

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Coaltown is a fantastic all weather attraction that appeals to all ages.

Westport is a town built on coal extraction from wild and remote places like Denniston, Stockton and Millerton where daily life was a struggle and comfort a luxury. 

The various displays focus on the formation of coal, maritime history, unionism, the communities, transport and the men underground. It is a colourful and modern museum that brings the past to life and links the past to the present.

On display we have a huge “Q” Wagon used on the world-famous Denniston Incline. This large 8-ton coal wagon is perched at 450 showing the grade of the steepest part of the Incline. We also have a 20-ton brake drum used to slow the wagons as they raced down the Incline.

Information on the Coaltown Museum can be found at the Parks reception area.

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