Cape Foulwind Fur Seal Colony and Lighthouse Walkway

The seal colony is part of a series along the Tauranga Bay-Cape Foulwind-Steeples coastline and is one of six breeding colonies on the West Coast. The fur seals have chosen Cape Foulwind to breed because of its rocky shore with suitable ‘haul-out’ spots and food rich sea.

This area is the breeding ground for the Little Blue Penguin.  Which Carters Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park, supports the colonies at Carters Beach, and on the Northern West Coast. 

Cape Foulwind and Tauranga Bay are on the coastline about 11 km south-west of Carters Beach. To get to Tauranga Bay follow Cape Foulwind Road and turn left onto Tauranga Bay road, approx 7 km from Carters Beach.

The Cape Foulwind Walkway is best started from the lighthouse. The walkway passes by the fur seal colony near Tauranga Bay carpark. As the walk is one way you will need to arrange transport or return by the same walkway. The walk to the seal colony from the lighthouse is 45 mins each way.